Binegar Cemetery

Binegar Cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.  It is in two parts: the walled graveyard around Holy Trinity Church and the Cemetery outside the churchyard’s west wall.


The walled graveyard closed to new burials in 1964.


The newer Cemetery, opened in the 1950s, was consecrated by the Church of England.  We offer interment, however, to people of all faiths or none.  Our only condition is that the deceased person lived in the parish or had strong links with Binegar.


The path from the Lych Gate divides the Cemetery into two parts.  On the left as you enter is the older area, which includes a number of plots for interring ashes after a cremation.  On the right is the area in current use, laid out as a lawn cemetery.


The Parish Council is responsible for the running, upkeep and maintenance, including regular checks on the safety of headstones and memorials.


Click here to see the plan of the Cemetery, the Register of Graves or of Cremation Plaques .


You can only purchase a grave space and burial rights when someone dies.  However, you can purchase a reservation that will ensure you are allotted a grave or cremation plot when the time comes.


Exclusive right of burial
When someone dies, you can buy the rights of a particular plot.  This is called Exclusive Right of Burial.  It lasts for 50 years with an option for renewal after that time.  It gives the owner the right to burial in that grave, to say who else may be buried there (up to the grave’s capacity) and to place a memorial on the grave.  You can download a Burial Request Form.

An Exclusive Right of Burial comes as a legal Deed.  Keep it safely – it is your proof of ownership.  It is important to note that you have bought a right to burial in the land and not the land itself.  The land remains the property of Binegar Parish Council.


As the owner of a grave right, you may apply for permission to place a memorial on the grave or to add an inscription to an existing memorial.  Once erected, you are responsible for the safety of the memorial and, if it becomes loose, leans, or looks unsafe, contact a memorial mason to have it made safe.  You can download a Memorial Request Form.


Click here to see the Schedule of Fees.


Enquiries and more information
If you wish to arrange a burial or have any other enquiries about the cemetery, contact our Parish Clerk.  You can see the Council’s full Burial Policy in the Parish Documents section of this website.

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